Managing Emotions & Human Needs


Managing Emotions 

& Human Needs 

Interactive Workshops


Learn simple useable insights and techniques

to actually make positive changes in your life



Catering for:

  • Personal development.

  • Staff development

  • Sports/Social groups

  • Leadership development.

  • Professional coaching skills development.

Option 1 -  Managing Emotions Workshop (1 Day)

 This interactive workshop is designed to give candidates useable tools to make improvements in their self-awareness, their emotional states, their general happiness and sense of fulfilment. 


The first half of the day takes a look at how emotions affect us all, how they are triggered and either amplified or diminished.


  • How emotions affect our physiology

  • How the subject of our focus can affect our emotional state

  • How our level of control can affect our emotions

  • How the labels/meaning we attach to our emotions and the outside world will affect us


The second half turns this information around and explores ways in which we can take control and positively influence our emotional states, in the immediate moment… and in the long term.


  • Leading your physiology and body language

  • Directing your focus positively

  • Managing your Locus of Control

  • Mindfully labelling and assigning meaning


Suggested running time is 09:30 – 15:00



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Option 2 -  Human Needs Workshop (Half day) 

This workshop takes a look at the underlying core needs that act as the driving forces for everything we do, everything we like, dislike, seek to achieve, are attracted to... and become stuck in.


The workshop is split into two halves -


  • The first half of the workshop explores these basic needs and looks at how we meet them, in both positive or negative ways in our lives. This broad ‘life view’ offers valuable insights, with examples that can be used to greatly enhance self-awareness, helping to make positive choices and improvements in all areas of life.


  • The second half is optional, it looks at how these needs can be met in different ways in the workplace. This ‘team/organisational view’ is interactive and explores the ways in which these core human needs affect working relationships, motivation, innovation… and how as a team or as an organisation we can get the best from our people.


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